Our Story

Our founder, Joey, was a hospice and home health nurse for over 10 years, working for hospice providers big and small. In the course of his career, he noticed that the majority of pro t and non-pro t hospices shift their focus towards saving money, and end up compromising the quality of care given to patients.

So in 2013, armed with a mission he takes to heart, Compassionate Care Hospice was born. The goal is simple and crystal clear: to put our patients’ needs first, and ensure that they are comfortable and pain-free. With the help of our dedicated staff, coupled with excellent medical facilities and proper equipment, we stay true to our brand of care.

We are Compassionate Care Hospice, and we render care with compassion.


How Can We Make a Difference?

The end-of-life process of a patient requires support from the people around them—including family and loved ones. Our goal is to assist clients in achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort, while allowing them as much autonomy and dignity as possible.

We commit to our brand of supportive care, where the patient is supported and cared for by an expertly trained and hospice interdisciplinary team.

Our Care Process

A patient’s need for hospice care is usually ordered by an attending physician. Should the patient’s family have a e Care Hospice, a doctor will help arrange the necessary referrals for this. You may also reach out to CCH for a doctor’s order at no extra cost.

Compassionate Care Hospice offers appropriate programs for every patient’s needs. A skilled nursing facility with

24/7 registered nurses, an assisted living facility with well-trained caregivers, or the option of home health care, provided that a private caregiver or a trusted family member can help take care of the patient. Transportation costs to start the comfort care program are covered by the insurance company.

Admissions are handled by a registered nurse, and visits occur every one to three weeks, depending on the level of care.

Routine Care is the basic level of care, where a holistic approach is taken to ensure that the patient is comfortable and his or her basic needs are met.

Continuous Care gives a patient the option of a round- the-clock nurse at his or her disposal. This level of care is recommended during a medical crisis, where a patient may need the nurse for an extended period of time


Severe or intolerable pain may require General Inpatient Care (GIP) where a patient needs to stay in an inpatient hospice facility until the pain is controlled. After which, routine hospice care at home may resume. If a patient’s primary caregiver goes on a short-term break, we also oer Respite Care to temporarily address the comfort needs of a patient during this time.

Compassionate Care Hospice patients receive the best comfort care that aims to improve their quality of life. Access to a doctor, home health aide, social worker, volunteer, and a chaplain is available upon request details.

Who We Are

Trusted Caregivers

Feel better in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in care and daily living assistance to an array of individuals. Our caregivers are well-trained and trustworthy.

Nurturing & Caring

We specialize in providing quality home care. Our services range from supervision to cleaning and meal preparation We will personalize a care plan that is perfect for you or your loved one.

Trained Home Health Aids

Companionship is key to a trusted relationship with our caregivers.